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I got into data science and got my first job in IT by simply learning from an ocean of tutorials on YouTube.

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Not every society is brave enough to listen criticism of its own.

Free speech campaigners have long complained of creeping censorship in the name of protecting religion or preventing obscenity, and have described the ban on YouTube as a violation of civil rights.There are open abuses against Hindu deities by Akbaruddin Owaisi still running on Youtube in India.InstaMapApp is a fast YouTube proxy site that was made to unblock YouTube videos and other content on the web.To the Pakistan Government which has no clue of the 21st century and to our incompetent and ill-informed Minister Anusha: YouTube can be seen in Pakistan today on all Android devices - it can also be seen on PCs and other smart phones using a free VPN download from the Internet, so your ban has completely FAILED.Well. the world still watches Youtube and forms its opinion from what it sees on it.

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How To Bypass YouTube Regional Filtering: (5. you can access blocked websites and blocked content on a website for your country.Everybody has got their chances, none have done anything apart from throwing the masses into abyss.My Pakistani brothers and sisters are not getting that opertunity.Showing 1-18 of 18 messages. the video was indeed available in the particular country when viewd at YouTube. But also.This is another chapter in a very long war which have been going on before our time and will sadly continue after our time.The purpose of this page is to provide a way to unblock YouTube Videos that are only allowed to be viewed.How Telenor Pakistan is encouraging entrepreneurial drive in its employees.

Now if only a handful of people can accept the fact and please just get over it.NO one on this earth can insult our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), he is rehmat-ul-alameen.Youtube is the single most useful content website on the Internet.If you are in a similar position and want to open YouTube when blocked in office,.On the contrary, its circulation is now more than 20 times it was before the murders.

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Test any site to see if it has been blocked by the Great Firewall.Pakistan should also do this to create and control perception management which is as, if not even more, important then armed brigades in present world.Banning drags attention to those those videos, letting such things go would be a fair approach.There are several other reasons which makes the ban of the most popular video sharing website favourable for these so called authorities.I know there can be some offensive content on it but who is asking to view it.Pakistan Govenment is following a draconian concept of censorship.

AS a general principle, it is possible to argue that markets should play a greater role in determining prices, but.Remember same logic when Taliban banned computers as people may watch adult movies.You are doing more damage to your people by depriving them of you tube.Next ban TV, then Radio, then singing in public, then singing in bathrooms.Pakistan Government can not debar its citizens from the right to information.If they could find a way of making all the blasphemous contents unviewable in Pakistan also in that condition they would not lift the ban from Youtube and the probable cause of this action is the availability of thousands of free online tutorial and other educational videos.The government bans Youtube, but leaves out Qadri, Gazi, etc.Here is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your writing skill, your expertise and technical experience to unique and highly passionate group of peoples that.

If you encounter a blocked video on YouTube, the YouTube Unblocker add-on will try to reload that video via a foreign proxy service.People still go to YouTube and whole world has access, including Pakistan.

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Its blocked because there are so many videos that expose Pakistan policies and people bash it badly.the army is scared of that because people will rise and question them.YouTube has more to offer than few supposedly blasphemous videos.They do not really believe in after life and want to see everything.Rulers and clergy want to control people.

Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.When you step outside the house you may experience rain, wind, sun and all kinds of weather unless you cover yourself in iron sheets.The fact is that the mullah or mullah mentality still rules in Pakistan.Most of these years, its either a Bhutto or Sharif or someone from military on the throne.The government has also to understand that there will always be one percent of people who will put offensive items on any media, and no one can do anything about it.Muhammad pbuH Cartoon is available all over internet and google.