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A platform that fulfills privacy need by delivering forgetful web services that provide the means to control who can access their private data.At this time, the Mozilla Seamonkey browser is more suitable if you wish to have fine-grained control over cookies.

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About Page, Help, Give Feedback, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and About our Ads.Your search queries are monitored and shared on normal search engines.

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However, if you have a dynamic IP address on a broadband connection, you will need to turn your modem off regularly to make the address change.With plenty of privacy-focused search engines out there, you might want to know which is the best.

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So, if you are a Comcast broadband subscriber, for instance, you should avoid using.So I would like to repair this lack: Here are my new topic: The Most Secure and Private Search.The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.

With all the ramifications presented by recent disclosures regarding privacy and PRISM.Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking.

Gibiru is a fully uncensored search engine and also completely encrypts the search data to prevent any possible data leaks to the third parties.

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It allows you to communicate with another computer on the Internet without that computer, the computers in the middle, or eavesdroppers knowing where or who you are.Privoxy also has the nice side benefit of blocking most advertisements and can be configured to manage cookies. (Privoxy comes bundled with Tor downloads.).Ixquick is a search engine that uses metasearch capabilities to provide users with search results from other search engines.

Tip: When choosing a search engine for your private intranet remember to setup tracking of your intranet searches.Web search engine also indexing images, video, shopping sites, and local results.Tor and Privoxy downloads and instructions can be found here.Google Alternatives: 10 Best Search Engines. Another Web Search engine that takes on all the privacy issue associated with Google search engine is IxQuick.The best way to do this is to turn your modem off when you finish with your computer for the day, and leave it off overnight.

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WolframAlpha is a computable search engine that provides accurate answers and offers open knowledge.

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The logs were to be used as evidence in a case in which the government is defending the constitutionality of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).

Tor ( ) is a software product that encrypts then sends your Internet traffic through a series of randomly selected computers, thus obscuring the source and route of your requests.Because your ISP knows who you are, it will be able to link your identity to your searches.While we strongly urge users to follow all six tips, a lesser level of protection might be sufficient depending on your particular situation and willingness to accept risks to your privacy.

But you should also take matters into your own hands and adopt habits that will help protect your privacy.

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Among other things, cookies enable websites to link all of your visits and activities at the site.Protect privacy from search engines using VPN services. Privatoria offers to take a look at the top alternative search engines that do not track you.Finally, the proxy relays the response back to your computer.

People often view search engines as blank boxes to which they can pose any question they want without any consequences.

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When you search with Startpage, we remove all identifying information from your query and.Search companies should limit data retention and make their logging practices more transparent to the public, 4 while Congress ought to clarify and strengthen privacy protections for search data.

Unfortunately, it may be all too easy for the government or individual litigants to subpoena your search provider and get access to your search history.By Peter Eckersley, Seth Schoen, Kevin Bankston, and Derek Slater.While there is no reason to believe that Anonymizer looks at or reveals your information to others (we know the people currently running Anonymizer and they are good folks), there is little opportunity to verify their practices in these regards.These kinds of searches can create a roadmap that leads right to your doorstep.They range from straightforward steps that offer a little protection to more complicated measures that offer near-complete safety.

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Future versions of these privacy-protection tools may help fix this problem.If these records are revealed to others, they can be embarrassing or even cause great harm.Gibiru is the latest addition to the slowly growing group of anonymoUSproxy search engines, all of which promise to put your privacy before their profits.They could also expose you to identity theft and other privacy invasions.