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If the DPC is still on its default IP address of you can configure the.

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Just wanted to clarify that in addition to 8 switched wired ports in the above config, you can also use wireless features of both routers independently at the same time.

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There seems to be no real solution to this problem at this time.

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Router works fine despite being a cisco router though we had a power level problem when we first got the router(was fixed within a day).

I just need to know the username and password of the Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway.For example, use both routers as separate Access Points, and connect closer positioned wireless devices with stronger signal to Cisco, and more remote devices with higher traffic to your own wireless router.

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I have never heard anything but problems of those combination devices.

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You heard that right here on reddit, and that guy was full of shit.Buy CISCO Wireless Router DPC3825 IEEE 802.11n at Newegg with the best price, fast shipping and top-rated customer service.This does not mean that you NEED to use the wireless part of it.I just want to put this out there for people considering the service and the equipment they sell.With the teksavvy once everything is up and running you are great but their tech support is not the best.Not to mention their admin interface is much more polished than base DD-WRT firmware.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script.They gave me a Hitron CGN3ACR, and it works great in bridged mode with my ASUS RT-N66U.The issue is that most the boards I have read have mentioned this is an option except Rogers will not allow them onto their network.Teksavvy seems to be going downhill now that their getting bigger.Using the wifi on a cable or DSL modem is just asking for pain and suffering.

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I had the same issue but I have to restart the modem twice a day.Buy CISCO 4034138 Gateway Cisco Systems, Inc 4034138 DPC3825 Cisco Wireless Routers at

The known issue is with the wifi, so if that is disabled it should work.I built my own router and now it works as a local DNS, VPN gateway, VPN client (for my entire network) and I can have things like IDS and IPS protection.I would like to also point out that just because some staff in TekSavvy are not informed or aware of this does not mean that TekSavvy as a whole are not forthcoming.Duplicate submissions will be removed if they do not add enough new information.Once TekSavvy released our modem, Start submitted the provisioning request to Rogers and we were up and running in a matter of hours.You are effectively running a wireless router, as an access point.They even offered to let me return ANY hardware I purchased within 30 days.

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Then it should work in tandem with your own router well, despite before being slow, dropping or blocking signal, etc.

In this case, do not purchase the Cisco 3848, stick with the Technicolor DCM476 DOCSIS 3.Another effective way to increase browsing speed is finding fast DNS servers on the web.Teksavvy has consistently denied knowing about this issue prior to my order (late June 2015--setup for July 1), however I did my own digging and found this thread where Teksavvy employees are discussing the known issues with the router as early as May 27.I do work in an industry that puts me close to people who do and did).

Their claim to this is that it reduces congestion and network load due to channel bonding of 24x8 versus 8x4.

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Having previously some terrible experiences with Bell, I have to say their Fiber service has been excellent.After getting mine Cisco, I realized that many customer complaints might result from not Resetting it after provisioning or.They basically kicked out the incumbents including Telus and went at it alone.

If you are interested in the Cable 100 plan, the Cisco modem is currently the only one that supports it.I thought it might be appropriate to post here for anyone who is, or is considering becoming, a Teksavvy customer.

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Be excellent to each other. No racism. sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, etc.The TP-LINK I bought was overheating a little, which resulted in degraded performance.Should I go for another brand of the modems that Rogers supports such as SMC D3GN or Hitron CDE.

I found their customer service is getting much worst than 3 yrs ago.All I want is for me to set all of this up once and have it work all the time without question and with minimal user interaction (if any).Cisco Model Dpc3825 8x4 Docsis 3.0 Wireless Modem Very Fast Modem Router (DPC3825) 0 Stores Found.