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So you mean that in order to solve every little random software issue (browser, winamp, media player, etc.) you would do a fresh OS install.

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Chrome is a joke to me. One chrome.exe for every plugin web page and render.

And much to my irritation zillions of lemmings chiming in saying it must be a user problem.

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Yea chrome updates are sometimes a pain. just recently after an update my bookmarks got changed.I tried all of the troubleshooting techniques I could find online and a few standard solutions, like disabling GPU acceleration.Often the computer will crash due to a problem with the NVIDIA Graphics Card, but it comes right back up again.Until then, your frame of reference will be paint chips and sniffing glue, duuuude.I switched to Fire Fox and everything runs ultra FAST and smooth without a glitch.

Meanwhile, I actually like how this article brings up some issues with Google Chrome and the more widespread thing of auto-updating.Nvidia at home, Nvidia at work and Nvidia in my laptop all with chrome loads of extensions and 0 problems.I have heard AMD does regular updating now. and have heard and read good reviews on the R9. to each his own. buy what you like.I removed Chrome and other Google services around six months ago, for not dissimilar reasons.

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By rejecting an upgrade, you are usually leaving yourself vulnerable to a known security flaw.When the only thing that changed in a system is a single software update, it stands to reason that the software update is the problem.Shockwave is a virus, or at least a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).When Google launched its Chrome browser, they open-sourced most of the software and released it to the Chromium project. Google.

As I state in the article, I did NOT edit my group policy in any fashion, I did NOT download a new version of the browser, and I did not agree to any update.I have used FireFox since 2007, tried Chrome but never liked it.But at the same time I hate Chrome for high memory usage and bugs.Google did a similar forced update to Chrome as they did last August.Never mind the fact that IE6 was nothing but a giant bug-ridden security nightmare.I get it, the days of the Intel Core 2 and older HP or Dell did not have PCs that was powerful especially in the GPU department.

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They fixed it pretty quick but many of the folks that suffered the problem had to manually update due to the updater being broken at the same time.

Turning updates off is the first thing I do after installing an application.Bare bones fresh install not logged in even it would always act goofy.Firefox is still based on the old single threaded model and have only just recently announced their new fully MT engine.Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience.Well, if you are writing intranet applications, I guess I agree.Please take my advice, I think you should better try gardening.Microsoft Edge is a very nice browser and much faster than chrome.A lot of people moved from Firefox 7-8 years ago while it had a lot of memory leak problems, but there was a huge push to clean those up maybe 6 years ago and since then it runs great, stable and lean.As a web designer, I despise optimizing my website for many browser versions.

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This moves Chrome closer to being a virus than anything else.I can only assume Hruska attempted this, but it seems like he should have been able to without issue.Get business email, video conferencing, online storage and file sharing.I wound up fixing the problem by downloading a later beta build of Chrome.

Progress in the software industry (and in general) should be ENCOURAGED and not forced on people.I complained in their forums about it and kept getting shot down by their support staff that is must be my internet connection or my computers etc.And yet what is described here is interfering with their ability to do so with Chrome.Anything else you said, I pretty much did not bother to read.Which OS are you running that would allow a web browser to crash your PC.Second best option is usually the manufacturer of the graphics chip (e.g. Nvidia, AMD, etc).The conflict may be solved on the beta version, but does not mean Google identified your specific issue.In fact latest Chrome doesnt support Ubuntu 10.10 at all so no worries of updating without my consent.

Other than that, the only thing I still use from google is gmail, and to a lesser extent.I agree with you that yes, there must have been something specific about my system configuration that was causing this problem.They will track everything you do through their pipe, like they do with Chrome, and spam the crap out of you.Update: Multiple readers have questioned how I knew my problem in January 2014 was caused by a Chrome update.All it takes is having AV security, firewall security and proper browser security configured.The moment a company disrespects that, it disrespects the users and becomes a tyrant.If your Chrome browser is shitting out on you you either have a very crappy computer or you just want to hate.

I switched from Chrome to Firefox about a month ago and have noticed a notable improvement in my computer performance since then.The official YouTube channel for the Chrome browser, OS, Web Store, and Chromebooks.

Taking a few to research the updates your dishing out makes a big difference.The best Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari.That is because chrome constantly writes and reads to the hard-drive even when the browser is in the background and not used.The people who created a virus like Shockwave should face a one million dollar fine and AT LEAST five years in JAIL.You said it had a memory leak well i bet that is true also i notice shockwave crashes on my mom all the time when she tries to play facebook games but she is running on a weak A4 CPU.And this system has been rock-solid before the incident and remained rock-solid once I updated the official Chrome version for a beta version.

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Obviously the updates are coming in, and all seems to be okay.I have 14 years of experience in testing hardware, troubleshooting OS problems, configuring systems, and problem-solving.Its rather pathetic to think you should be able to have your cake and eat it too.I can have 10 tabs in firefox and only one firefox running not 40 like chrome.

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Windows 10 at least allows users to uninstall updates if they cause a problem.Listen first, then comment IF, and ONLY IF you have something constructive to say.