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I was truly disappointed when I was blocked from veiwing Netflix on my XBox 360.

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I think xbox 360 supports dlna so you could test it before buying new. but also to watch live TV.

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Live Gold account you have to redeem the Gamer tag on the Xbox you want to watch Netflix on each time you.You may need to sign up for a free xbox live account to be able to do it.

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Microsoft will offer Xbox Live refunds after making Netflix and other. watching video content within those popular apps required an Xbox Live Gold.

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OneDrive, OneGuide, and Upload Studio without needing Xbox Live.

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You can definitely use netflix without an xbox live gold account (the one you pay for).

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Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other services will be open to all on Xbox One, Xbox 360.Learn what you can do to improve the performance of Xbox Live.