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Local Access Only, Unidentified Network I bought a Vista back in.I just installed windows vista ultimate on my desktop pc and I can not get it to connect to the internet.This website is a free, open, and dedicated community of Windows enthusiasts.My DSL modem is connected directly to the Ethernet port on my MoBo.

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I had the same kind of problem a couple of years ago when I was playing with Linux with virtual machines.

Information reports that the driver is stopped which I assume is not normal.

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All networked Computers must have same workgroup in homenetworking.Unidentified network issues with Vista. It only has local access and the network cannot be identified. which has sections for Windows,.

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Users of this board seem to have a problem getting NIC to work.Resolution of Vista Unidentified NetworkResolution of Vista.

Michellette New Member Joined: Oct 4, 2009 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0 Thanks.It appeared that the modem and the computer were talking every time I reset it.I use an usb wireless card from zyxel, that is what gives me internet access atm but I am not overly fond of wireless, in fact I loath it.

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I had to use my daughters i-touch to access the wireless modem as I sat here with a big yellow triangle over my internet tray icon.Unidentified Network - Local Only. version of Windows Vista.This laptop had a wireless connection to the internet and network previously.

I can go online with both the notebook and XP with no problem, so the hardware is fine.) The Device Manager in Win7 shows everything is connected and working.

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It worked at first, then after a failed bios upgrading and reflashing with eprom burner it stopped working.Any Vista network related discussion in here. Unidentified network: local only problem:.

My Gigabyte mobo reported a connection in the bios, what gives.

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I never did get them to work wirelessly, but even when connected by ethernet, I had to unplug the computer and replug it and restart to get ethernet OR wireless back online in XP.

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As the Win7 desktop was loading, I realized I would not be able to connect if the notebook was already connected, so I shutdown the notebook after Win7 had already started.I have tried every solution I could Google (from XP) and nothing works.While I only have a very few Windows...Freaked out, I read all these posts on this forum related to NOT having an internet connection and tried EVERY single one of them with NO success. 3 hours into it, I readied my Win7 RC 7100 disk for a new install with no hair left.

What I had done prior to trying to connect through cat 5 was having it wirelessly connected.My configuration is different but the result is the same, so maybe this will provide some clues for a proper answer.

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All I have done so far is installed the drivers of the GB disk.

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This is a DIR-625 and i had to go in to the router and disable the MAC addressing so I could stop receiving the error and IT WORKED.But I figured someone here must know some way to make it work.

IPv4 Address.: 85.226.199.xx removed on purpose.Page 1 of 2 - Local Access Only on Unidentified Network - posted in Windows Vista: Good afternoon.I was getting a Unidentified Network status on my Local Area.I dual-boot XP and Win7 on the same PC, and only keep the notebook around for emergencies.Here is (essentially) what happened: I use a 4-port hub that connects both my PC and an old Win98 notebook.