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I want to run Internet on mobile through WiFi, both my laptop and mobile are WiFi enabled.This can be achieved by doing simple network configuration.

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If what you mean is using your laptop as a wireless router then you might use one of the many available softwares which are both free as well as paid (Connectify.

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But you also have a laptop (or just about any computer with a wireless adapter).I have a dell inspiron 1420, with vista basic, and i am going to replace Vista.OK so i just got off the phone with HP and they are a bunch of idiots.

Wireless adapter installed on the computer. (Built into most laptops.).How to Connect Laptop Wireless Internet to a Linksys Wireless Router: by eataix in Computers: In wireless computer networks, an access point acts as the centralized.

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Recently I set out to use my laptop as a Wi-Fi router in Windows 10, but to my surprise I found that it was slightly more difficult than it used to be in previous.Go to edit settings and go to section for IP addresses set it to automatic.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 482,769 times.Virtually, every modern laptop within the past few years has a wireless adapter built-in.You want to get online with your 360 but you have no way to connect except a wireless connection.

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If you have multiple computers, including one laptop, but only one available modem, you can turn the laptop into a wireless router for your others.I have unlimited tethering via usb, but not wifi via metro. so can I tether my phone to the laptop (via usb) and use the laptop as a wifi router.

This is a discussion on how to use laptop as a wifi router within the Networking Support forums, part of the Tech.Just wondering how I can make my spare computer act like a router.Microsoft quietly removed the ability to make your Windows 8 laptop a WiFi hotspot for mobile devices.Using Laptop as Wi-Fi router. solved I wish to get rid of my Router and use WiFi to connect my Laptop to the internet through my computer.

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This will automatically route the connections without the need to set your IP address on Windows XP.How to Use Wireless Laptop. A firewall also needs to be installed on the router and the laptop to prevent malware infections and hacker interference.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

how to use laptop as a wifi router - Tech Support Forum

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Yes you can turn on your laptop in to wifi router via hotspot.In this How-To, we shall show you how simple it is to convert any regular laptop or PC into a wireless router or repeater using some.The project is simply one of turning a redundant computer into a powerful router and.

Another tip is to click on your battery icon, usually on the bottom right of your computer.

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Edit Article wiki How to Use Your Laptop As an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

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Step Make sure your computer has a wireless card for Wi-Fi capability.Every computer has an application for setting up wireless networks on the system, and any computer can be configured to accept that wireless signal.

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While most home computer networks only use one router, adding a second router makes sense in a few situations: Upgrading a wired network to also support wireless devices.Step Turn on another computer (with a wireless card) and open the network sharing center.