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If the problem persist, try resetting your router if you are connected one.

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Very Slow Downloads. but if it does not then you do not really have a speed problem so you would probalby not be asking that question.It seems that my Internets download speed has always been extremely slow, on steam I get around 200kb per second.

These people seem to think that others are just standing by while someone answers, like chat on FB.

Very Slow DL Speed with VPN, without VPN very fast (Sorry

If you are on a wireless connection, try switching to a wired connection and attempt the download.

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Strange that when I change ISPs the download speed improves (downloading from my ADSL office internet.Extremely slow downloading for Gta 5 pc. (Ubi) and receive at least a 5mb consistant download speed. this is really bad i wish i had pre ordered the game via Steam.

Sometimes Netflix download speed and streaming videos is not always smooth.The Microsoft servers are stupidly SLOW compared to many, many other sites.

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The problem is really well explained...Thank you for bringing this issue to the Help and Support Forum.

Slow download speed. 1 2. Starting Lol, and the LEague of Legends logo appear with the white line under it, but the download speed is so slow, after 10 min,.March 31, 2015. By:. Subscribers in a given area share a really good connection,.By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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I clicked the gear, unchecked Peer to Peer transfer, and INSTANTLY my download speed skyrocketed to over 4000 kbps.A slow internet connection wastes time, turns streamed videos into bad slideshows, and puts your computer in real danger.If you experience slow downloads, it could be for many reasons.What type of Internet connection are you on, wireless or wired.

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I have never seen this slow download speed from Microsoft Site.I live in the UK and have the DIR-655 Router but find that the connection speed can be dire at.My internet speed is ridiculously fast, about 100 mbps download speed tested through the website above.Windows 8 upgrade assistant is trying to download the file since last couple of hours (almost 4 hours) and only.

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Finally Slow torrent download speeds may be the result of a lack of seeds and a slow internet connection, but there are ways to tweak your uTorrent settings and.

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Windows 8 upgrade assistant is trying to download the file since last couple of hours (almost 4 hours) and only 8% download is completed.Very Slow DL Speed with VPN, without VPN very fast (Sorry for dblpost).

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Internet download speed all of a sudden SLOW. when my computer is off for a long time and i turn it on the internet is really fast but when i leave it there.

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You know, it really bugs me that some people just cannot reply to a question without asking another question, another question that is usually irrelevant.I also have a 15 MB download speed and 2 MB upload speed from my ISP.

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Ever sine upgrading to the latest build (2.80 (14103), when Transmission is first launched the download speed is very slow (3-15 KBps).

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Got fast download but slow upload. but everything from google maps to gmail suddenly got very sluggish.However, they can be different when you experience slow download speed from.