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How To Delete A YouTube Account – April. on how to delete a YouTube Account or. a warning that deleting my YouTube account will also delete my gmail,...Enter it, and your channel including all the content will be removed.If you have multiple Gmail accounts, chances are you also have multiple YouTube accounts as well.

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Deleting your Google Account affects all data associated with that account and any services you use, like Gmail, Google Play, or YouTube.If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok.

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Again, just like with the deleted YouTube account, time is of the essence.

How Hackers Could Delete Any YouTube Video. vulnerability in Google-owned YouTube that could be. allowed him to delete any video from YouTube in.A deleted account is something that you have done yourself, either purposefully or accidentally, you told YouTube or Google to get rid of your YouTube account and the data associated with it.

A terminated account is something that YouTube blocks access to your account because either you broke their rules or they think you did.

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So you need to use your Google account to sign in, sign out or delete your YouTube account. It has.Step 2: If you are not already logged into YouTube, click on Sign in option at the top right corner of the page.YouTube is just one of the various services Google provides like Google Drive, Google Plus and much more.

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Enter your Gmail account username and password associated with it.Your comments and messages will be gone, but considering how bad the other scenarios on this page are, you should still count yourself lucky.

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Once you have got your account back up then hopefully you should have your YouTube account back automatically without any further effort on your part.Follow these steps to delete your YouTube channel: On a computer,.Learn how to delete your YouTube account should you no longer want to do anything besides watch videos on the popular. will not delete your entire Google account.

YouTube settings icon is the gear icon at the side of Creator studio.By deleting YouTube account if you mean to remove the subscription you have made, your watch history, liked videos and uploaded videos and any other activities you performed in YouTube, you can delete YouTube Channel.You just upload it from your hosting account back to YouTube and then enter the new video ID in the feed control for the old deleted video, and the new video will show up on ALL the sites that the missing video was on.

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Deleting Google product from Google account also deletes all the record of your activities in YouTube.

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The record includes comments made on YouTube, watched history and subscriptions.You deleted your Google account along with all the products and services associated with it.The key to getting your account back from this is speed, because at some point that data is going to be completely irretrievable.

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You need to head over to this support page and fill in the form, it is a quick one, you just need the email address you use to sign into YouTube, your name and something for them to identify your channel from, either the URL or a video from your channel or some other identifier.

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Delete and remove Google account permanently. How to delete Google account.

Step 6: Click on trash icon to the right of YouTube as shown below.