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Internet freedom in India has improved in the past year, according to a new report from Freedom House, a web watchdog, published this week.One of the better known products is Freedom, a software program which takes users completely offline for up to eight hours.SelfControl is a free Mac app that helps you avoid distracting websites.

GOP’s “Internet Freedom Act” permanently guts net

Support for Internet Freedom Linked to Internet Usage

Find out how you can block any website on Windows and Mac computers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer browsers, as well as Android and Windows Phone smartphones and.Ad blocking benefit users through lower data charges, significantly faster page load speeds.Freedom on the worldwide Internet is in danger, according to a new report by Freedom House.Freedom House says Internet freedom has declined worldwide in the past year, sparked by broad surveillance, new laws controlling web content, and increasing arrests.

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Freedom of Expression and the Internet. of Internet users and block access to information.

Personal Communications Still Restricted in China’s

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Republicans’ “Internet Freedom Act -

Internet service providers will be explicitly prohibited from blocking, throttling or prioritising internet traffic for.The grandaddy of the Internet restriction programs, Freedom has garnered celeb fans like Dave Eggers, Nick Hornby, Seth Godin and Nora Ephron with a simple.

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Graphic: Support for Internet Freedom Linked to Internet Usage.

I would discourage business owners, or others, from forcing it on their employees.

Internet restriction apps could help to improve your productivity.

Freedom of expression ‘in danger’ as Talk Talk blocks

Internet Censorship – Amnesty International USA

Advocacy group TechFreedom led a coalition of conservative organizations and others Wednesday in urging the U.S. House of Representatives to block, with a lawsuit if.Freedom - Internet Blocking Productivity Software Meta Description.

DNS filtering and educating service users in better usage is an active.Freedom for Mac: Free Download - Block the internet, apps, and websites.Proposed new legislation empowering police to block Internet a potential threat to press freedom, says CPJ.