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My main router is a Netgear WNR3500L running DD-WRT and I have not.WOW keeps disconnecting me from the internet. is your computer connected to the Netgear router with an ethernet cable,.I can tell you that all lights are green on my nighthawk, except the.

For some reason it will connect to the internet for like 5 mins and then nothing.

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If your internet connection keeps disconnecting, the problem could be a high upstream power level.

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My laptop connects OK wirelessly, but my iPhone 4S is constantly.

It disconnects after a few hours and when I try to reconnect, it says.

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I have also done the unplug and wait 20 seconds multiple times.Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting no matter what I do.Thought it maybe the the router so bought a new one Netgear and its was fine.My wireless decided to disconnect and reconnect randomly throughout any time I use it.

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Hello, I recently bought a windows 8 pc, which I have now updated to Windows 8.1.

Everything works fine for a while but afterwards it receives no data from the Internet.Forum discussion: im running sbc yahoo dsl with a speedstream 5100b modem with a netgear wgt624 router. for some reason my aim keeps disconnecting every few minutes.

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My old router (Voyager 2091) packed up so I just got a new router - a Netgear N150 model DGN1000.

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Hello. I have a Rangmax N150 WPN824n router with a network extender ( WN2500RP) I have been having problems with my WIFI connection staying connected.Netgear Router has full signal and keeps disconnecting from my laptop and xbox live.Turning WiFi off on iPad and connecting again solves the problem.

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Using VNC or Remote Desktop through VPN keeps disconnecting. our office we have a Netgear SRX5308 router.Netgear Wireless N-300 is disconnecting from wireless clients - Answered by a verified Network Technician.

I have a Netgear N300 and it keeps disconnecting every couple of hours.I am running a Netgear R6200 router with an A6200 adapter(5ghz).

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Network disconnect with netgear router. Netgear router keeps disconnecting iPhone. 0. Configuring 2 routers on same home LAN. 0. Router unable to connect to.CodeguruX Member. Years ago I bought a Netgear wireless router.I have verizon dsl and on this connection I use wireless router which keep loosing connection every couple of hours.For the past week or so i have had this problem with my wireless.