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I had purchased an Asus RT-AC66W to use instead of a Verizon router.Verizon empowers the devices you use every day to work together.

Did I do anything wrong, or am I missing out on anything by not changing any setup.This has been such a great help understanding about networking.I considered calling customer service and having them release the old MAC, but to be honest, the technician I talked to seemed hesitant to let me switch out my router in the first place.All I need is just to plug in a router and get going as I need only Internet.Either way, both things might warrant a call to their support to ask.

I do not really have a budget but dont want to spend a killer amount.My only concern is what you have just mentioned, what happens after I hit 10GB and 22GB.I also have a grandfathered UDP on my Verizon smartphone which I want to keep on my smartphone.However, some users have tried resetting their router, or just waiting 24hrs and it eventually works.

Danny I just got a ASUS AC5300, so your just bridged the Quantum.Hope that helps. Loading. Reply Toni Jones says: October 29, 2015 at 8:12 am I just checked.all 3 of our phone have shared data.

The objective was to collect results from a diversity of real-world, coax-based installations.He also said that the ONT box has already been converted and cabled for ethernet a year before selling the house.Would you mind taking a look at a forum post i made (link below) with some questions i had before i start spending money on this.When you call, a Verizon expert can help you set up your home internet service, schedule.I know some of the questions have already been answered but i want to be absolutely sure of everything before i start sinking money into this.

There is a big hill and some tall trees between my house and the nearest tower, so I opted for one of the Wilson antennas with an amplifier and interior panel antenna.Jason worked with me through the whole mess and eventually got the issues ironed out.

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We have a 150Gb cap, so we have to be careful about how much streaming we do.

Supposedly it is due to some issue with the Broadcom chipsets.I just recently had my FiOS installed, and it was installed as Ethernet connection (internet only).I bought the same modem and router that you used and it is working like a charm.I knew i risk of loosing some features on STB if i use my own router.This is done independently of the cable between the ONT and the router.About three months ago I cut the cord on my cable and decided to stream everything via Amazon Fire TV and 3 Fire TV sticks along with Kodi.

I received an email over the weekend from VZN that the upgrade to my account had occurred.Any of these devices are pretty solid (the C7 being the best value).I am gonna call them tomorrow. Loading. Reply ben says: September 10, 2014 at 7:22 pm Hi, Herma.According to the Verizon tech doing my install today, all installs use ethernet now, even the low speed ones.I was planning on releasing the DHCP, unplugging Actiontec and then plugging in Nighthawk.Eventually he put me on hold while he spoke to someone in tech support.I am now running less than 1mbps with full signal 10 feet from the router.I am not very internet savvy, but I wanted to use a better router than the Fios Actiontec I was given.