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If you create a simple set of global rules using a defined strategy you would be amazed at how locked down you can get.

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Windows 8.1 expands VPN support Many of us use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect securely to a remote network, such as a corporate office.My ip has been leaking and they cant or wont give me a straight answer nor will any of my posts to there forums be allowed I guess.

You log into a google account and your real IP shows, then your account is now tied to everything else of your real identity.AirVPN offers a fairly flat fee service for support and improved. unfortunately, is less impressive.Cisco AnyConnect wont connect after installing on Windows 8 or 8.1 will not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway Please try connecting again.

There are threads all over the Air forums describing how to secure the machines using firewall rules and for things WAY PAST simple VPN disconnects.When I turned it back on, it remained disconnected for a short period and then reconnected automatically.If you use the OpenVPN software, I suggest you add this directive to all your OPVN files.:).I have been using either vista or windows 7 for several years now and have never had this kind of problem.However, it was Comodo Internet Security that made it start disconnecting so much.AirVPN is an open-source VPN service that aims to protect the privacy of internet users like yourself so that you can surf anonymously without any monitoring of your.The average person, the average customer that uses a VPN does not know about any of this.I also brought in a Win 8 laptop and checked it wired and wirelessly on my network and it didnt leak with either the old or new client. so I dont know how this isnt a client issue, with windows 10.Due to the nature of the windows OS it is a DNS leak disaster waiting to happen.

Does anyone here have any experience with them and know how to get a solid answer from them.If you know any easy to understand tutorial for setting firewall rules for a VPN with Windows firewall that would be cool.Could you post your routing table while connected to the VPN.

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Later I found the software client was full of other holes, namely DNS leaks and other issues.Also, you must have computer issues or ISP issues because I have not lost an Air connection even for a few seconds in the past 6 months.Otherwise I guess I could download Comodo, since that is what so many people have recommended.I am really busy for the next few days, but I will post whatever I can find.

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One of our employees is trying to connect to a SQL database using Microsoft Access.Are these threads buried in their forum or are they pretty easy to find.Features Business Explore Marketplace Pricing This repository.

Using the Google Chromecast behind a VPN 16 August 2015 in Google. second to connect the home router to the VPN and third to use an ad-hoc wireless...

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I am wondering too, does Boleh block all connections when they are interrupted, like Crypthippie and Riseup.

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I am definitely interested in learning how to set rules, as you mentioned.Users running some firewall software are reporting errors when trying to connect to the VPN.

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Maybe OpenVPN has this problem of disconnecting and reconnecting.

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To get the Network Lock functioning with Windows Filtering Platforming, I added this directive to the OPVN directives setting: block-outside-dns.I am on the newest update of Win 10 according to version numbers (1607) I can find.

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Out of curiosity, I decided to do an experiment with Riseup VPN.

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I would say that I setup my global rules and tweaked them to my own personal criteria in under an hour.

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It first says that the password has been changed in the advanced settings and wants to change it back to what the pass phrase is.

To save yourself some time and hassle, use the VPN AutoConnect application.So with this method, you have to make a rule for every application that you want to block when the VPN fails.And you have to manually disconnect and wait for it to disconnect before you can have an internet connection again.

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So anyway, Xerobank blocked internet connections when the VPN was interrupted, Cryptohippie blocks all internet when the VPN is interrupted, and Riseup does the same.

I recently had a similar issue with a DNS leak on the AirVPN client.What exactly happens if I connect through two VPN clients on my laptop.But when I used Xerobank, Cryptohippie, and now Riseup and Autistici, connecting and reconnecting is not even possible.Force Vuze to only load Torrents through VPN. please first connect to the VPN using your preferred protocol, and then open the options of Vuze.So it can disconnect and reconnect again and you may never even know it.To test, kill the VPN and see if your browser still connects.

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If you have the problem only in Firefox then I would assume it has something to to with an add-on.So if this is all the fault of a Windows OS, evidently some of these VPN providers have applied an automatic fix that is very effective.